About Us

In the beginning, Maplewell founders deliver renovated home for an improved living. After seeing the joy of everyone who had visited the renovated home and of those who lived in it, they found the passion in delivering more dream homes for greater number of people to enjoy living in. Maplewell is then founded to pursue the mission: By providing new homes to more people to enjoy their dream life style.


As a boutique property developer, we aim to deliver value to all stakeholders of a development, including our investors, homebuyers, tradespeople involved as well as the council and community. This is achieved through attention to detail on our work, mutual respect and trust with every party we work with, and a systematic approach in seeking solution for any issue.


We are excited to be of service and we invite you to join us in this amazing journey to deliver your dreams.



Site Acquisition

Thinking about selling your land or property? We would love to hear about it. Instead of a traditional sale, we can assess the potential of the land or property and propose a creative solution

Project Management

Or perhaps you want to add value to your land or property before sale, but don’t know how? We can be of help. We have proven track records of property management. This is our passion and a skill that we are proud of. We work with architect, town planner & builder whom also have the proven track record in their area of expertise to maximise and accelerate the profit of your property.

Joint Venture

Want to find an avenue to invest your cash for optimal returns or to become an equity partner? We can design a proposal that creates a win-win situation for all parties. Our approach is to ensure transparency in the entire A-Z process to our partners. We encourage two-way communications. After all, we really want all parties to benefit from the arrangement.



Our company specialises in various projects including the following:


We specialise in boutique townhouses. We work with architects, town planners and builders to ensure that we only put the best on the market. At Maplewell, we aim to tick all boxes of a dream home for our homebuyer.


We believe that smaller living space isn’t necessarily a downside. Apartments are convenient, easy to maintain modern living. Cafes and shops are usually a stroll away including proximity to public transport. Leave it to us to design and provide the best living space at a good location.

Contact Us

To get in touch please fill out the contact form or email us directly: info@maplewell.com.au

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